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Christian Brothers Services Fall 2016 Webinar Schedule

by cbs.socialmedia on July 15th, 2016


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September 8 – The Model Senior Driver

Is your organization sending the message that safe driving is expected of all fleet drivers? There are important traits a senior driver should practice every time they get behind the wheel to drive accident free. This webinar will discuss the measures every organization should take to manage a safe and proactive fleet risk management program.

September 15 – Cutting Through the Communications Clutter

Communication is the most critical component of any organization. How we communicate with our employees, clients and partners is key to the success of our missions. There are more tools and options available for collaboration and communication than ever before. Join us and our preferred vendor as we explore how to sort through the numerous providers and technologies and to ensure your organization is getting the right tools at the best costs to best serve your mission.

September 29 – The Effective Communication-An Essential Responsibility for School Leaders

Keeping the school community informed and up-to-date is only one aspect of a comprehensive approach to communication. Today’s Catholic school leaders must seek out and leverage opportunities on a regular basis that justify the decision made to purchase a Catholic education and to reinforce the value received for tuition paid. A school’s community can be its best recruitment tool when harnessed with the right information and messages to spread the good news and provide a personal recommendation for a school. In a month by month format, strategies to inform, inspire and motivate will be presented for use via spoken, written and electronic communication strategies.

October 6 – Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention-Simple Solutions

Any organization can manage the risk for a potential slip, trip and fall-type accident. This webinar will focus on simple solutions an organization can implement in order to increase awareness, conduct inspections and train staff and religious. A review of simple solutions that can be implemented will also be discussed.

November 3 – Recognizing & Preventing Harassment, Discrimination, Abusive Conduct & Retaliation in the Workplace (1:00 – 3:00 p.m.)

This two-hour interactive webinar focuses on understanding what constitutes harassment, discrimination and abusive conduct; strategies for preventing harassment, discrimination and abusive conduct from occurring in the workplace; and recommendations for avoiding claims of retaliation. Real-life scenarios and examples are used to illustrate different points. The webinar fulfills the mandatory training requirement in many states.


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