Christian Brothers Services Announces a Contribution Holiday for Employee Benefit Trust Members

Romeoville, Ill., March 14, 2018 – Christian Brothers Services (CBS) has announced that the Trustees of the Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Trust (CBEBT) have unanimously approved a contribution holiday for Trust members.

For one designated month, the Trust will credit each member's contributions for all healthcare benefits, consisting of medical, dental and vision coverages. This marks the fourth consecutive year and the fifth year out of the last six that CBEBT members have received a contribution holiday. To date, CBEBT assets returned to the Trust members have totaled $124.3 million.

The contribution holiday provides Trust members substantial fiscal relief at a time when health care costs continue to escalate. Previous holidays have saved Trust members significant contributions, allowing them to reinvest these additional funds back into their mission and fiscal operations.

The CBEBT contribution holiday applies to all current members with medical, dental and/or vision coverage. All new customers who join the Trust in 2018 with medical, dental and/or vision coverage are also eligible for the holiday.


About Christian Brothers Services
Founded in 1960 and headquartered in Romeoville, Illinois, Christian Brothers Services is a nonprofit, Catholic organization that administers cooperative programs in the areas of health, retirement, property/casualty, and technology as well as financial, administrative and Catholic school consulting to church congregations, organizations and dioceses internationally.

About Catholic School Management
Founded in 1973, NCEA Financial Consulting Services focused exclusively on finance and development consulting services for Catholic school and diocesan administrators. In 1979 demand for a broader scope of services resulted in the creation of Catholic School Management (CSM). In 2014, Christian Brothers Services acquired CSM's growing operations, making CBS the national leader in consultative guidance for Catholic schools. CSM's team of experts represents more than 500 years of experience in the education field with a focus on strategy, planning and leadership.

About BMT
Founded in 1972 and headquartered in Tarrytown, New York, Brenner, McDonagh & Tortolani, Inc., BMT Management and Financial Consultants was acquired by Christian Brothers Services in 2017. Providing premier consulting services to 280 religious institutes and many sponsored ministries in need of assistance, BMT offers the management of daily operations, including accounting and financial management, benefits eligibility management, human resources, investment consulting and real estate planning and sustainability studies.