XpressIT Board Portal Xpress (Hosted board portal content management system)

The XpressIT Board Portal is a web-based hosted solution that makes board and committee communication easy, efficient and secure!

The XpressIT Board Portal provides directors and committee members instant, secure, 24-hour access to all important documents and materials. Information in the portal is conveniently organized on a dashboard that displays recent updates and activities.

Administrators manage committees, documents, calendar items and members all in a secure environment. User settings and permissions are easily managed from a centralized administration console.

The XpressIT Board Portal can be customized to reflect your organization’s logo and color scheme. Our website developers can also add custom-developed features to meet your special requirements and specifications, if necessary.

The XpressIT Board Portal is used to save on printing and binding costs, mail and courier services to reduce paper waste.

Directors use XpressIT to:

Administrators use XpressIT to:

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