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Catholic School Management consultants work throughout the United States. Having consulted in well over 50% of the dioceses in the country, they have met and worked with hundreds of Catholic school administrators. When administrative vacancies occur at diocesan elementary, middle and secondary schools, Catholic School Management has access to and familiarity with more Catholic school professionals than any other firm in the country.

The hallmark of CSM’s administrator search process is extensive, formal and informal reference checking and candidate review. This unique service, only available from CSM, ensures a high quality placement appropriate to the specific job description and location.

CSM works with school communities, pastors, religious communities, boards and dioceses to hire the most qualified candidates. CSM services include comprehensive search processes for:

  • Presidents
  • Head of School
  • Principals
  • Vice Principals
  • Deans
  • Development Directors
  • Admissions Directors
  • Directors of Faith Formation

Administrator search processes are carried out in the following phases:

      I. The assessment phase
      II. Candidate identification/sourcing
      III. Candidate screening
      IV. Interviewing and presentation of leading candidates
      V. Onboarding and transition support

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