About Catholic School Management


Catholic School Management was founded in 1973 by partners Richard J. Burke and Rev. Frank Bredeweg, CSB. Originally known as NCEA Financial Consulting Services, the firm focused exclusively on finance and development consulting services for Catholic school and diocesan administrators.

In 1979, demand for a broader scope of services resulted in the creation of Catholic School Management. CSM provides comprehensive consulting services in all areas of Catholic school life and operation. Today, CSM staff includes more than 30 highly trained and experienced professionals. CSM consultants have extensive depth and breadth of experience in specialized areas of Catholic school operation. CSM has provided service around the world to Catholic schools ranging in size from 100 to 2,000 students. Further, CSM has partnered with diocesan school systems with fewer than 10 schools to larger systems with well over 200 schools.

Catholic School Management has become the national leader in consultative guidance for Catholic Schools. Through consulting services, professional development and publications, Catholic School Management has helped the vitality, quality and long term viability of more than 3,000 Catholic schools.

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