Catholic School Management Logo History

Reflections by Richard Burke, CSM Founder:
Have you ever wondered about the distinctive CSM logo which appears on our stationery and publications? Apparently, some of our readers and clients have.

In 1979, we inaugurated our flagship publication – the Catholic School Management Letter. Prior to the introductory issue, Sister Patricia Mulally of Boston was commissioned to create the logo.

Over the course of a nine-hour day, Sister Pat questioned me about the business, our hopes and expectations for the future, the services provided and those which we hoped to provide twenty years into the future. Sister Pat was clearly not only creative, but visionary as well! Several weeks later, Sister Pat and I sat together and looked at designs for both the Catholic School Management Letter and CSM logo.

Catholic School Management LogoThe CSM which you have seen on our publications for more than twenty years is indeed distinctive. While we provide consultative guidance for the educational ministries of the Catholic Church in all forms, Catholic schools have been – and continue to be – the primary thrust of our work and, indeed, more than 80% of our business annually. As such, the 'C' and 'S' for Catholic Schools appear prominently in the logo. You will note that the 'C' and 'S' rest upon the oversized 'M' signifying that the viability of Catholic schools rests on the strength of their management.

I believe that Sister Patricia Mulally was most insightful! Catholic schools survive and flourish only when they are effectively and efficiently managed and it has been that way since the first Catholic schools were inaugurated in the Louisiana Territory and in Emmittsburg, Maryland. Yes, long before "site-based management" became synonymous with quality in the public school sector, Catholic schools have relied upon the strength and creativity of their administrators.

We believe that our logo is not only distinctive, but appropriate as we continue to provide training programs, direct consultative guidance and publications to support and strengthen the management of Catholic schools worldwide. We continue to believe that the strength of Catholic schools rests on their management and we pledge to continue to provide high quality and personal services in support of Catholic schools. Site-based management has always been a hallmark of Catholic schools!