CSM Seminar Topics

Catholic School Management provides workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. to enable Catholic elementary and secondary schools to inspire, train and develop staff, leadership and volunteers. Based on a client’s objective and audience, we create tailored materials and deliver a dynamic, engaging and entertaining program. Available topics include …


  • Annual Fund – Moving It to the Next Level
  • Annual Fund – The Path to Growing and Predictable Revenues
  • Annual Fund 101: Initiating and Enhancing the Catholic Elementary School Annual Fund
  • Ask, You Shall Receive – Personal Solicitation Training for Staff and Volunteers
  • Before the Capital Campaign – Planning and Readiness
  • Capital Campaign Success – From Feasibility Study to Victory Celebration
  • Development 101 – What, How, When and Especially Who
  • Development by Committee – Matching Gifts and Talents
  • Development Essentials and Planning
  • Dialing for Dollars – Phonathons vs. Telemarketing
  • Endowment – Set Up, Marketing, Solicitation, Donor Recognition
  • Face-to-Face Solicitation Training for Major Gifts
  • Finding Friends and Funds for Ministry
  • Grantsmanship – When, How and How Not to Prepare and Pursue Proposals
  • Major Gifts – Fishing with a Long Line
  • Money in the Mailbox – Direct Mail Strategies
  • More Money, More Kids – Fundraising and Student Recruitment
  • Moving Donors through the Pyramid – Major Gifts and Donor Cultivation
  • Giving in the Here and the Hereafter − Planned Giving Programs
  • Raising More Money – Evaluate, Identify, Target, Plan, Act, Evaluate … Again and Again
  • Speed Fundraising – Small Group Solicitation
  • Turn Your Board into Fundraising Stars

  • Affirmation, Attraction, A+ Results – Retention and Acquisition
  • Analyzing Social Media Trends
  • Building a Digital Presence
  • Building Within, Reaching Beyond – The Power of Partnerships
  • Caring, Communication and Customer Service – Building Relationships for Life
  • Communication 101: Implementing a Comprehensive Communication Program for the Catholic Elementary School
  • Conquering Communication
  • Creating a Social Media Calendar
  • Creating a Social Media Ambassador Program
  • Enrollment Management – A Framework for Success
  • Marketing the Catholic School for Image and Enrollment
  • More Kids, More Kids, More Kids – Time-Tested Student Recruitment and Marketing Strategies
  • Social Media Audit
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Strategic Planning for Student Recruitment and Marketing
  • The Essential Continuum – From Student Recruitment to Alumni Relations
  • The Power of Partnerships – Enhancing the Teacher-Parent Dynamic
  • The Role of the Teacher in Marketing the Catholic School for Image and Enrollment
  • Using Data to Market Your Catholic School
  • What Do You Say? Clear, Compelling and Consistent Communications

Institutional Enhancement
  • Alumni: A Most Valuable Resource – Research, Communication, Involvement, Support
  • Beyond Fundraising – Stewardship, Discipleship and Evangelization
  • Board, Staff and Volunteer Development – Expectations, Orientation, Training, Appreciation
  • Characteristics of a Strong Board
  • Mission Clarification: Key to School Success
  • Moving to the Next Level of Excellence
  • Preparing Foundational Documents for the Catholic School
  • Preparing the Long-Range Strategic Plan for a Catholic School
  • President/Principal Model of School Administration
  • Providing for Effective Boards and Councils in Catholic Schools
  • Strategic Planning – and Acting!
  • The Effective Catholic School Board
  • The Gift of Volunteers
  • The Mature Development Program
  • The Role of the Board in Institutional Advancement
  • Too Many Great Volunteers … Said No One EVER
  • Trends, Best Practices, Resources
  • What Next? Audit, Assessment, Benchmarks, Goal Setting
  • Who’s on First? Defining the Role of the Board

Instructional Leadership and Educational Technology
  • 10 Technology Trends that Will Change Education (and the World)
  • But is it Good? Supporting and Evaluating Technology in Teaching
  • Digital Media and the New Evangelization: Choking the Weeds with Wheat
  • Enhancing the Delivery of Guidance Services in the Catholic Secondary School
  • Failure is My Superpower: Learning, Growing, and Communicating through Mistakes, Misdirections, and Dead Ends on the Digital Highway
  • Finding the Time: How to Integrate Classroom Technology Skills and Still Have a Life
  • "Here There Be Dragons," Sailing off the Map into a New World of Education
  • School Safety Planning
  • It's a 1:1 World, so How do I Live (and Teach) in it?
  • Square Pegs into Round Goals: College, Career and World Readiness for Students (and Educators)
  • The Life and Times of the Catholic School Administrator
  • The Good, the Bad, and the Data: Effectively Using Data to Increase Student Learning
  • Time in a Bottle: Using Classroom Technology to Save Time and Save Your Sanity
  • To Tech as Jesus did: Gospel Values for Technology Planning and Instruction

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"We could never have reached this point of clarity and direction without third-party intervention, and, on behalf of our school, we are so grateful."
-Kelly Lange, Board Chair
  Stella Maris Academy

The Value of CSM Services
"Thank you so much for the informative meeting with the School Board. I was very anxious. I really wanted to learn how we could advance our mission and help direct policy. I have been praying for a miracle and I think you are it."
-Kelly Joyce, Board Member
  St. Mary's Institute

"This is a fantastic program that provides a wealth of information to help administrators, faculty and staff set and achieve goals. You provide the necessary tools which develops each school's road map for advancement."
-Haidee Todora, Director of Schools
  Rochester Catholic Schools

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