Strategic Management and Development Program (SMDP): A CSM Exclusive Service!

CSM’s commitment and proven solutions to helping Catholic schools succeed and flourish is delivered through this four-year program that builds community engagement in supporting the mission of a school by introducing and reinforcing the best practices that lead to greater school vitality and viability.  Delivery of a carefully designed and sequenced set of objectives to multiple schools is accomplished through a cost effective program structure inclusive of high-quality, individualized consulting services in a format that supports lasting change.

Features of the CSM Strategic Management and Development Program

  • Direct training for school staff, board, and volunteers in critical aspects of school planning, marketing, communication, and development enables the creation and execution of comprehensive plans that institutionalize best practices
  • Regular contact between an experienced consultant and participating schools to monitor progress and encourage ongoing growth
  • Collaboration and support provided to diocesan schools office personnel to guide school-based follow up throughout the year

Customized Approaches

  • Complete SMDP 
For cohorts of 6 schools or more, with each school benefitting from six individual, on site meetings with an experienced consultant per year along with additional seminars and follow up support
  • Modified SMDP 
For large groups of schools using on site seminars and video conference opportunities and collaborating with diocesan staff to support program implementation SMDP changes schools and changes dioceses.  Contact us today to customize a program for you.


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The Value of CSM Services
"This is a fantastic program that provides a wealth of information to help administrators, faculty and staff set and achieve goals. You provide the necessary tools which develops each school's road map for advancement."
-Haidee Todora,
  Director of Schools
  Rochester Catholic Schools

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