Strategic Planning

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Catholic School Management, a division of Christian Brothers Services, has helped Catholic elementary schools, high schools, parishes, and dioceses to write more than 140 strategic plans.

Grounded in Mission:  The CSM approach to planning keeps mission at the forefront with the resulting plan providing the bridge to take an organization from its mission and current state to its vision or desired state.  Maintaining and enhancing Catholic identity are of paramount importance with school, school system, and diocesan school office strategic plans designed to align with the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools.

Comprehensive Planning: Planning elements consider the entire organization ensuring maximum growth.  Planning areas consider:

  • Catholic Identity;
  • Ownership and Governance;
  • Organizational Effectiveness and Administrative Functioning;
  • Academic, Co-Curricular, and Extracurricular Programs;
  • Guidance and Counseling Programs;
  • Enrollment and Marketing;
  • Print, Electronic, Web and Social Media Communications;
  • Programs for Resource Development and Institutional Advancement;
  • Finances;
  • Plant and Facilities;
  • Relationship of the school or organization to communities served.


Designed to Meet Your Needs:  All CSM approaches to strategic planning reflect the belief that both data-based information and the perspectives of people are equally important to the ultimate design and success of a strategic plan.  Planning processes are always highly collaborative and participative to ensure excitement and investment in a plan beginning with its creation.  Processes are customized to client needs and can be facilitated in collaboration with school leadership or highly directed to give maximum consultative input into outcomes.  Options are available for demographic studies, focus group interviews, online surveys, and market research.


Just in Time and Ongoing Support: The CSM approach to planning goes beyond the delivery of a written plan to provide extra support with critical elements related to long-term success.  This begins with guidance related to communication and marketing during and upon the adoption of a plan.   Also included is the delivery of recommended systems, templates, and procedures designed to ensure maximum buy-in and success throughout the strategic plan development and implementation processes.