Fees As Applicable

Website Hosting Services  
One-Time Virtual Server Setup $99
Website and/or Domain Name Transfer $99/hr.
Annual Virtual Server**:  
(Level I - Basic Site) - 75mb Bandwidth $300/yr
(Level II - Intermediate Site) - 300mb Bandwidth $720/yr.
(Level III - Demanding Site) - Unlimited Bandwidth $1,080/yr.
Domain Name Services  
Domain Name Registration (New or Existing) $20/yr.
Domain Name Transfer (Includes an additional 1 year registration; time charges may apply) $20/yr.
Staff time for any service including design, development, phone support, technical support, and training:
(Before/After Business Hours)

Domain Name Service Fee (DNS)*** $100/yr.
Domain Name Management (Non-Hosting Customers) $50/yr.
(up to 5 domains)
Other Services  
Shopping Cart Integration (Up to 100 items) $3,500
SSL Certification (Required for Shopping Carts) 1 yr. $399
2 yr. $699
3 yr. $999
Annual additional disk space - 50MB $5/yr.
Annual eMail services - each eMail address* $12/yr.
Block of 100 Email Accounts (2000MB) $360/yr.
Travel to client site At Cost
All fees for services invoiced monthly as incurred.
Annual fees invoiced together at begging of hosting year.
** Annual virtual server fee level determined by actual traffic reports; start at Basic level. Note: All charges invoiced monthly as incurred; Annual fees invoiced at renewal.
** Includes Domain Name Management, available with or without hosting service.

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Information & Technology Services
Tom Drez
Managing Director
800.807.0200 x2930

Design & Development
Jason Langs
Software Design Manager
800.807.0200 x2675

Matt Robbie
Marketing and Communications Manager
800.807.0200 x3092