Website Development Process

Our development approach is to establish an interactive relationship with the customer. You should be prepared to provide us with a complete flowchart (menu), baseline content (the main core of material) and design ideas. We will work with you to establish site architecture and design requirements. All estimated time frames are based on you the customer returning the necessary approvals the same day. Delays are often expected and necessary to insure accuracy of content and functionality. Feel free to take the time needed, however please remember that delays will also move back your entire project. Our desire is to keep your project on-track, within budget and without delays.

Project Inception
We will begin by defining your website objectives, requirements, specifics and features so that a firm Statement of Work can be completed. This time is billed at our normal rate which is over and above the cost of designing the website, but should be considered as your overall cost.
Estimated Time Frame: 2-3 Days

Statement of Work(SOW)
Once you approve this proposal and all requirements have been defined, we will develop a Statement of Work that will outline the basic feature to be developed for your website. Approval needed - Statement of Work will need to be signed and returned.
Estimated Time Frame: 3-4 Days

We will develop a flowchart of your website. The flowchart will contain the menu items as well as other navigational aspects to your site.
Estimated Time Frame: 1 Day

Wire Frame/Navigation
The customer shall provide us an outline or navigation to the site, often considered to be the menu. From your outline, we will build a wire frame of your site, similar to a live flowchart. If you do not know what you want to include on your site, we can work with you to develop it. Approval needed - You will need to approve the outline (wire frame) via email.
Estimated Time Frame: 2-3 Days

Design Guide
We will provide you with a design guide asking for further details and expectations of the look and feel of your site. Please complete this document and return it to us. We will use it to further develop your design and needed elements for your site. Approval needed - You will need to approve the design guide via email.
Estimated Time Frame: 1-2 Days

Site Design
Once the outline is complete, we start the design process. We start by designing a homepage and secondary page in graphical format. These designs are either sent via email or are placed in a reserved area on our web server allowing you to review our work and make critiques. Approval - You will need to approve the design layout via email, before we proceed with development and content.
Estimated Time Frame: 1 Week

Coding & Development
Once you are satisfied with the design, we will begin the coding and development of your site. This work will be completed in a test environment.
Estimated Time Frame: 1-3 Weeks

While we are developing the design of your site, you will need to put together all the text content that you want on each and every page. This content should match the flowchart (wire frame) and ultimately should fill in all the pages. Once we receive the content for all the pages. we will begin to add it to the pages. Your content should be delivered to us all at once.
Estimated Time Frame: 3 Days

We will spell check your site, address reasonable security issues, confirm all navigation and links are active, test all forms and quality check every item for accuracy and functionality. This includes checking the site across all current browsers for consistency.
Estimated Time Frame: 2 Days

Once our testing is complete, we will make the site available to you, the customer, to quality check. Once we have the final approval from you, we will make the site live to the public. Approval - You will need to approve the website at launch.
Estimated Time Frame: 1 Day.

Our training and proficiency coordinator will train you in all aspects of your content management system.
Estimated Time Frame: 1 Day

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