Understanding Your Invoice

When you receive your invoice you will also receive a matching Invoice Support Detail sheet with hours matching your invoice charges. The items included on the Invoice Support Detail include work that has been completed per your request or with your permission along with an accompaniment of hours in .25 increments. You may also receive a Non-Billable list of activity that you were not charged for. The only time you will not receive an Invoice Support Detail is when the work being completed is covered under a Statement of Work. We provide a S.O.W. for all jobs estimated over 8 hours per our Service Level Agreement.

Understanding Your Invoice

What Is Billable? We will not do work on your site without your approval. The following is a list of items that are considered billable. If you have any concerns or are unsure if something is billable, please do not hesitate to ask your representative. This list is not meant to be an exhaustive list of every billable item but a guideline.

  • All work completed on your website that you have initiated or requested.
  • All work outlined within your Statement of Work. (We provide a S.O.W. for all jobs estimated over 8 hours).
  • Research completed on your site due to your inquiry.
  • Project Management: Organizing content of a job request, processes, quality control, and testing.
  • Our email responses to your questions
  • Our email response to you for items you requested.
  • Setting up, removing, editing or forwarding email accounts.
  • Registering or transferring a domain name.
  • Creating, cropping, editing, resizing or manipulating photos, graphics or any designs or animation.
  • Requested changes to a current job already in progress.
  • Troubleshooting issues on your site per your request.
  • Training you to use software such as Adobe Contribute, Photoshop, Dreamweaver.
  • Changes to DNS, Domain name(s) or email accounts that you initiate.
  • Phone calls, incoming or outgoing relating to your website, email accounts, or services we provide.
  • Importing members to a database.
  • Database development, implementation and testing.

What Is Not Billable?
  • Issues, problems or maintenance on our server.
  • Work completed for items you have already been billed for.
  • A request for FTP connection or a dreamweaver site definition, or contribute connection key request.
  • Time developing a Statement of Work.
  • Resetting your ftp password or email account password.
  • Adding more FTP users.
  • Traffic report request.
  • DNS, Domain name or email accounts that we initiate.
  • Time for renewing a domain name.
  • Research or tech support performed on your site without your knowledge.

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