XpressIT Enterprise Private Cloud Hosting Xpress

We are a private enterprise cloud service provider which means we can help you to relocate your on-premises hardware and software from your data center to ours to gain benefits.

Taking advantage of cloud services can simplify an organization’s on-site IT by off-loading their IT burden, in part or whole, onto another organization allowing them more time and resources to focus on their own mission. This can result in reducing the cost and complexities involved in managing and maintaining your own data center infrastructure, hardware as well as software applications.

Relocating your data center into the CBS data center has the potential to provide your organization with many benefits including the reduction of your overall IT burden in terms of time and dollars.

There are three main types of cloud services - public, private and hybrid -- defined below. CBS offers the private cloud services to our customers.

Public clouds are generally suited to providing consumer cloud-based services. Examples of these services may include your email provider, disk space for your computer data backups, or a place to store all of your music, television shows, movies and contacts to keep various portable devices synchronized with the same content. These services may be free to a point, with enhanced or premium services requiring a flat-rate monthly fee. The public cloud can be a very good place for the general consumer who does not have the same requirements as an organization.

Private clouds are generally suited to providing organizational cloud-based services where a more industrial strength Service Level Agreement (SLA) may be needed. A private cloud provider can provide an SLA to an organization that meets specific hosting requirements for reliability, availability, security, maintenance and management features, especially one that must protect confidential, proprietary and individually identifiable information (CPI) where a public cloud provider will be challenged to do the same.

Hybrid clouds generally consist of a mix and match of public and private cloud-based services.

For more information on enterprise private cloud hosting, please contact Matt Robbie at matt.robbie@cbservices.org.