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To take advantage of this new benefit, or to schedule a HealthPoint Checkup,
email your HAWA Account Manager,
Taylor Clausen at or call at 312.772.6849

Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Trust (CBEBT) has partnered with Health As We Age (HAWA) to help our members realize their wellness potential and to place them in control of their health and fitness goals. HAWA provides access to a new generation of healthcare, and makes it more accessible than ever thought possible.

The pursuit of a healthier and happier life starts with assessing current risks. The Health As We Age (HAWA) Healthpoint Check-Up equips your employees with the knowledge they need using state-of-the-art medical testing. It includes a comprehensive 34-panel blood draw, blood pressure reading, height and weight measurement and body mass index calculation.

Within 72 hours of completing a HAWA HealthPoint Check-Up, all results will be uploaded into the member’s secure and confidential HAWA Health Record. From there, members will be connected to an engaging and customized suite of tools and resources that support their goals for living a healthier life, including virtual access to our team of healthcare professionals that will help interpret Check-Up Results.

Members identified as “high-risk” will receive expedited follow-up from the HAWA team, to ensure they are presented with the appropriate next step of care. Your employees are your most important asset. Help them start their journey towards a happier and healthier life by scheduling an on-site HAWA HealthPoint Check-Up at your location, or providing access to a local lab in their area.

HAWA Virtual Healthcare System
Members will have access to all the products and services included in the HAWA Virtual Healthcare System for one year. We help your employees realize their wellness potential, place them in control of their health and fitness goals and reward their progress. We provide access to a new generation of healthcare, activated through rich, interactive experiences and outcomes. And we make healthcare more accessible than ever thought possible. Account membership gives your employees access to: HealthPoint Check-Ups, a quick wellness assessment, goal-setting exercises, virtual nurse consultations, educational resource center, health record storage, Fitbit connectivity, pharmacy services, electronic messaging and more.

Health Coordination Services
HAWA nurses and healthcare coordinators are available to support ongoing education, goal-setting and creation of the personalized Plan of Action to drive meaningful change.

Device/Wearable Data Integration
Receive a five percent discount on Fitbit purchases for your workplace! The value to your employees comes from being able to integrate the data on their activity to their full Health As We Age (HAWA) healthcare record in the HAWA Virtual Healthcare System and to be able to track progress toward goals that include activity as part of the goal or action plan. Additional value comes from being able to share this activity data with any HAWA healthcare professional the member engages through the platform, so that healthcare professional has a complete picture of the member’s activity, sleep patterns and up-to-date weight.

Five Percent Discount Applies on:
  • Zip™ Wireless Activity Tracker
  • One™ Wireless Activity Sleep Tracker
  • Aria™ Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Pharmacy Services
Supported through HAWA U, members can access discounts/coupons and compare medication prices to find the most affordable options.

HAWA Connect
Members can stay engaged through an interactive communication platform that allows instant messaging and ongoing dialogue with healthcare professionals, reminders of available programs and services and push messaging to encourage active participation.

Hawa Health eProgram
A monthly themed communication providing members with timely tips and tools related to different aspects of health and wellness. It contains a wealth of educational resources, suggestions for health-related apps and social media outlets to support your daily interactions.

A repository of health related data including blogs, medical data and other valuable information to help members pursue a healthier life. It contains a wealth of educational resources, suggestions for health related apps and social media outlets to get members the information they need when they need it most.

Medical History
The HAWA virtual Healthcare System provides a convenient way for members to store, update and share their medical history with the Healthcare Professionals they choose. Information is stored and shared utilizing safe and secure, HIPAA compliant methodologies.

HAWA Health Records
Members can conveniently store all of their health records in one secure place. Lab results, X-ray scans, immunization records or any other health-related document can be uploaded into a confidential Hawa Health record account, and members can choose to share this information with any Health As We Age provider for review or a second opinion.

Plan of Action
HAWA nurses and healthcare coordinators are available to support education, goal setting and creation of a personalized plan of action to drive meaningful change.

HAWA Perks
An interactive incentive program to keep members excited and on track. Activities can be completed in the HAWA virtual Healthcare System or through our other initiatives.