Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Trust (CBEBT) has partnered with Health As We Age (HAWA Health) to help our members realize their wellness potential and to place them in control of their health and fitness goals. HAWA Health provides access to a new generation of healthcare, and makes it more accessible than ever thought possible.

The pursuit of a healthier and happier life starts with assessing current risks. The Health As We Age (HAWA Health) Healthpoint Check-Up equips your employees with the knowledge they need using state-of-the-art medical testing. It includes a comprehensive 33+ panel blood draw, blood pressure reading, height and weight measurement and body mass index calculation.

After completing a HAWA HealthPoint Check-Up and labs have been processed, all results will be uploaded into the member’s secure and confidential HAWA Health Record. From there, members will be connected to an engaging and customized suite of tools and resources that support their goals for living a healthier life, including virtual access to our team of healthcare professionals that will help interpret and talk through Check-Up Results.

Members identified as “high-risk” will receive expedited follow-up from the HAWA team, to ensure they are presented with the appropriate next step of care. Your employees are your most important asset. Help them start their journey towards a happier and healthier life by scheduling a HAWA HealthPoint Check-Up.

Our challenge this year:
How we operate within our communities, at work and in our homes changed overnight when COVID-19 entered our country, and it continues to change as it spreads. We weren’t prepared then, but we are better equipped and educated now.

While sickness has been on all of our minds this year, our wellness has taken a back seat. Not only do you need to make sure your employees aren’t returning to work sick; you need to make sure they are returning to work healthy. Our tele-wellness solutions will help you do both.

This year, 2020, we will not be servicing you onsite. For your safety and security, all labs will be done at a nearby LabCorp Patient Service Center. To participate, all employees will need to do is call or email our support team at 855.888.7006 or support@hawahealth.com to receive their lab order number and get help scheduling their appointments. View this flyer for additional information.

To keep people safe, LabCorp is taking the following initiatives:

  • First business hour is set aside for vulnerable patients
  • The “Wait Where Youʼre Comfortable” Program
  • Mobile check-in available with scheduled appointments
  • Increased sanitation and disinfection
  • Masks for everyone's protection