XpressIT Parish Place CMS

The XpressIT Website Update Xpress Content Management System (CMS) is an asset to anyone who has the responsibility of managing the content of your organization's website. Our CMS allows the administrator or content manager the ability to securely add, edit and publish content to the website, helping to keep it well-maintained, up-to-date and relevant.

We have created Website Update Xpress as a customizable CMS, one which allows you to easily maintain the content of your website using any current web browser, with no need for third party software. It also eliminates the necessity of webmaster expertise. Using our CMS, a site administrator can also create new pages, add or remove menu subsection pages and redirect any page to any active web address or URL.

Additionally, our CMS Image Manager functionality allows for the inclusion of images, PDF files, Word documents, and other web-friendly files to your organization’s website.
We can further customize a CMS to include a variety of valuable features including a save-as-draft function, interactive calendar, updateable news section, photo galleries, email subscription and much more. Our website developers can also add custom-developed features to meet your special requirements and specifications, if necessary.

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