CSML - Governance

Volume Title
I, 4 Putting the Decision-Making Puzzle Together(Roles & Responsibilities for Boards, Pastors, Principals and Parents)
*V, 1 School Boards Within a Development Concept
VI, 2 The Challenges of Finance and Governance
*VII, 1 School Boards and Shared Decision-Making
*XI, 1 Catholic Schools Approaching the 1990's
*XIV, 3 Parent Organizations in the Catholic Elementary School
*XVII, 3 Administrator Search Process
*XVIII, 2 Strategic Planning for the Catholic School
XVIII, 5 Catholic School Governance/Board Issues: Part I
XVIII, 6 Catholic School Governance/Board Issues: Part II
XIX, 1 Catholic School Governance/Board Issues: Annual Evaluation
XX, 3 Consultative Boards versus Boards of Limited Jurisdiction: Pros and Cons (replaced by XXVII, 4)
XXI, 1 Academic Issues, Personnel Issues and the Catholic School Board
XXII, 1 Organizing the Catholic School Board for Action and Results
*XXIII, 6 Catholic Middle School Issues – Pros and Cons of Locating the Middle School on a High School Campus
XXIV, 2 Catholic School Leadership: Leading, Not Just Managing
XXIV, 4 Adding a Catholic Middle School to an Existing High School: Pragmatic Considerations
*XXIV,5 Accountability: The Modeling Potential of Catholic Schools for the Church
XXIV, 6 Defining Complementary Roles for Pastors and Principals in Catholic School Administration
XXVI, 1 Oversight of and Service to Catholic Schools: the Role of the Diocesan Superintendent
XXVI, 2 Agenda Planning and Preparation for Catholic School Boards
XXVI, 3 Safety Issues in the Catholic School: Threat Assessments
XXVI, 6 Performance Appraisal for Administrative and Support Staff in Catholic Schools
XXVII, 1 Securing Effective Board Members and Enhancing Catholic School Governance
*XXVII, 3 Strategic Planning for Catholic Schools
XXVII, 4 Consultative Boards versus Boards of Limited Jurisdiction: Pros and Cons (replaces XX, 3)
*XXVIII, 3 Clarity of Mission: Essential to the Success of Catholic Schools (replaces XVI, 5)
XXIX, No. 2 Catholic School Governance/Board Issues – Part one of a two-part series (replaces and updates XVIII, No. 5 published May, 1997)
XXX, No. 5 So, We Have a Catholic School Board - Now What?
XXXII, 3 Catholic School Viability: A Checklist for Superintendents of Schools, Presidents, Principals, Pastors, and Board Members
XXXII, 4 The Roles of the Catholic School Board in Academic and Personnel Issues
XXXII, 6 Succession Planning for Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools
XXXIII, 1 The New Normal – Strategic Planning Considerations for the Viability and Vitality of Catholic Schools
XXXV, 2 Dashboard Indicators for Monitoring the Effectiveness and Vitality of Catholic Schools: Utilizing Metrics to Drive Mission Success
XXXVI, 2 Models and Characteristics of Effective Leadership in Contemporary Catholic Schools
XXXVII, 1 Catholic School Data, Trends, and Proposed Solutions
*XXXVII, 5 The Bridge from Mission to Vision: Effective Models for Strategic Planning
XXXVII, 6 The Changing Face of Catholic Schools: Engaging Non-Catholics in the Mission
XXXVIII, 1 Maximizing the Role of the Finance Committee of the Board: An Essential Ingredient in Enhancing Catholic School Viability and Vitality
*XXXVIII, 3 Regional Catholic School Systems: Considerations for Success and a Model for Future Viability
*XXXIX, 4 The Role of Administration and Board in Policy Development, Implementation, and Review

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