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In today's dynamic business landscape, safeguarding your organization against potential risks is vital. At Christian Brothers Services (CBS), we recognize the challenges you face in providing your staff with the necessary risk management tools and training to protect your ministry. That is why we have developed comprehensive programs to empower your organization with the knowledge and resources needed to mitigate risks effectively.

In the realm of risk management for your organization, Christian Brothers Risk Management Services (CBRMS) stands out as the go-to solution provider. We are dedicated to enhancing your organization's risk management capabilities and our array of services is designed to equip you with the tools necessary to safeguard your ministry effectively.

Risk Control Programs for Trust Members

Ensuring that your staff is well-prepared to protect your organization's ministry can be a daunting task. Recognizing this challenge, CBRMS has developed an extensive range of programs tailored to educate your staff members on various facets of risk management. As a member of the Christian Brothers Risk Pooling Trust (RPT), you have access to a variety of risk control programs at no additional cost. These programs are crafted to assist Trust members in mitigating property losses and liability claims and can be effortlessly shared with employees at all levels within your organization.

Our Liability Risk Management Program offers a comprehensive array of services to address various aspects of risk management within your organization. Our program includes customized training sessions covering topics such as managing allegations of employment wrongdoing; harassment and discrimination awareness; employee reprimanding, warning, and coaching; employee evaluations; employment file development; child abuse prevention, and nursing homes perspectives on resident safety and point of view.

We can also provide a federal legal review of your employment handbook, employment consultation, and risk management assessment of your policies and procedures. Additionally, we offer risk evaluation services for contracts and agreements, along with a valuable assortment of support materials like an employment law sample handbook, child abuse prevention manual, sample policies, and self-evaluation forms. With our services, you can effectively mitigate liability risks and ensure a safer, compliant workplace.

Our Workers' Compensation Risk Management Program provides a comprehensive range of services to enhance workplace safety and reduce the incidence of workers' compensation claims. Our program includes a thorough assessment of your workers' compensation policies to identify and address potential risks. We offer a proactive approach with a "Game Plan for Aging," incorporating pre-shift employee stretching to prevent injuries. We also assist in developing innovative new employee orientation programs and return-to-work strategies. We also provide customized training sessions covering essential topics such as accident investigation, ergonomics, dietary safety, back injury prevention, OSHA compliance, general safety awareness, nursing exposures, and slip, trip, and fall prevention. With the CBRMS program, you can proactively manage workers' compensation risks, promote a safer workplace, and reduce the financial burden associated with workplace injuries.

For schools, CBRMS administers a Student Accident Plan, which offers insurance coverage for student injuries during school hours or school-sponsored events. The Plan offers vital protection for both parents and school administrators with coverage that not only shields parents from potential financial strains but also assures administrators that all students have medical expenses covered, regardless of their family's insurance status. The Student Accident Plan's primary aim is to alleviate the financial burdens parents or guardians may face when their child sustains an injury at school.

For more than 20 years, the Christian Brothers Services Unemployment Reimbursement Program has consistently saved RPT members substantial sums in unemployment taxes by offsetting costs incurred when Catholic organizations' employees qualify for unemployment benefits. This program is available to all non-profit Catholic organizations listed in the Official Catholic Directory, provided they meet their state's reimbursement requirements for settling unemployment claims. The program pools the risk of all member organizations, reducing individual claim expenses, leading to collective cost savings. By participating, member organizations can efficiently manage unemployment-related expenses while ensuring financial sustainability for their mission-driven initiatives.

CBRMS also offers these sought-after services:

Online Training
Our online training modules are available to RPT members free of charge. There are currently more than 150+ online modules from which to choose. They serve as a highly efficient means of conveying crucial information to your employees, helping in the reduction of accidents and losses. Our comprehensive modules encompass topics such as risk management, safety, child abuse prevention, and human resources.

Each module is designed for easy comprehension, featuring a brief quiz to reinforce key takeaways. Managers and supervisors can effortlessly track participant progress and quiz results via our user-friendly web platform. Upon successful completion of each module, participants can conveniently download a certificate of achievement for their employment records.

Web-based training offers unparalleled convenience, saving both time and money. Employees can access courses and tests from anywhere, at any time, seamlessly integrating learning into their daily routines. This approach ensures consistency in training delivery and allows for the monitoring of learners' progress and performance, empowering informed training decisions.

Cyber Security Training
In response to the escalating sophistication of cyberattacks, CBRMS now offers specially designed online cyber training modules. Ranging from seven to 25 minutes, these modules cater to managers, supervisors, and employees, equipping your staff with solutions to tackle various cyber security challenges head-on.

Live Virtual Training
Complementing our online resources, CBRMS now offers live virtual training programs to all RPT members. These programs cover a broad spectrum of topics and are available free of charge. To explore the current roster of live virtual programs, please visit our website.

Fleet Management
Managing a fleet of vehicles and drivers can be exceptionally challenging, particularly when dealing with drivers of varying ages. A comprehensive fleet management program is vital, not only for safeguarding lives but also for protecting your organization against negligence and ensuring the continuity of its mission. CBRMS can help your organization by:

CBRMS hosts regular webinars during spring and fall, focusing on safeguarding ministries from employment and general liability concerns. These webinars are presented by subject matter experts and are complimentary for RPT members. Topics include property protection, liability mitigation, automobile fleet safety, workers' compensation, and more. Participants can interact with our specialists and gain insights into risk reduction strategies, such as sample driver policies and OSHA compliance assistance.

Newsletters and Toolkits
To further raise awareness of specific risk management topics, our Risk Factor newsletter offers valuable insights and resources. These newsletters, published semi-annually and delivered electronically to RPT members, cover a wide range of articles and resources that can be downloaded and shared with your organization's staff.

Our resource section also boasts an assortment of toolkits, each offering comprehensive information on diverse topics, such as religious driver monitoring, workplace slip and fall accident prevention, safety communication, and security preparedness. Our latest toolkit delves into cyber security, providing invaluable tips to safeguard against threats like ransomware and phishing scams.

Let Us Help You

At Christian Brothers Risk Management Services, we believe that workplace safety is paramount. Our extensive array of resources helps organizations like yours cultivate a strong safety culture, ensuring long-term benefits.

If you are looking to establish or enhance your safety program, CBRMS is here to guide you at every step. In addition to downloadable resources and toolkits to help you get started, we can also provide guidance, conduct inspections, and identify potential risks specific to your ministry.

Contact us today at 800.807.0300 or via email to explore how we can help your organization achieve its risk management objectives. Protect your ministry effectively with Christian Brothers Services by your side.

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