Risk Management Services

Risk Management ServicesA variety of risk management services are provided at no cost to members of the Risk Pooling Trust property/casualty program.

A variety of risk control services are offered to members of the Risk Pooling Trust as a way to reduce losses and claims. These programs are tailored to meet the unique exposures and needs of each ministry. These services include, but are not limited to the following:

Vehicle Risk Management Programs include:
  • Driver Motor Vehicle Records Checks
  • Fleet Program Assessment/Resources
  • Religious Driver Behind the Wheel Evaluations
  • Customized Driver Awareness Training

Property Risk Management Programs include:
  • Customized Training – Self Inspection Program Development
  • Customized Training – Self Inspection Hazard Identification
  • Property Inspection – Fire Hazards
  • Property Inspection – Slip, Trip and Fall Hazards
  • Risk Management Assessment of Formal Policies and Programs

Liability Risk Management Programs include:
  • Customized Training for:
    • Managing Allegations of Employment Wrongdoing
    • Harassment/Discrimination Awareness
    • Employee Reprimanding/Warning/Coaching
    • Employee Evaluations
    • Employment File Development
    • Child Abuse Prevention
    • Nursing Homes - Point of View
    • Nursing Homes – Resident Safety
  • Federal Legal Review of Employment Handbook
  • Employment Consultation
  • Risk Management Assessment of Policies and Procedures
  • Risk Evaluation for Contracts and Agreements
  • Variety of Risk Management Support Information including:
    • Employment Law Sample Handbook
    • Child Abuse Prevention Manual
    • Sample Policies
    • Self Evaluation Forms

Workers’ Compensation Risk Management Programs include:
  • Risk Management Assessment of Workers’ Compensation Policies
  • A Game Plan for Aging - Pre-Shift Employee Stretching
  • New Employee Orientation Development
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Customized Training for:
    • Accident Investigation
    • Ergonomics
    • Dietary Safety
    • Back Injury Prevention
    • OSHA Compliance
    • General Safety Awareness
    • Nursing Exposures
    • Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention

Online Risk Management Training includes:
  • Over 100 Different Modules on topics such as:
    • Human Resources
    • Student-Related Risks
    • Workplace Safety
    • Fleet Safety
    • Employment Practices
    • Safe Environments for Children
    • Risk Management

Claims administration provides several options for reporting claims and includes investigation and consultation to guide you through the entire claim process and ensure your assets and interests are protected.