Christian Brothers Risk Pooling Trust’s Boiler & Machinery carrier is AXA XL Insurance Company.
To request an inspection, please call Manny Regateiro, Executive Operations Manager 770-614-3111 (Office) / 770-714-4497 (cell) or email

At the time of your call, please identify your organization as a member of the Christian Brothers Risk Pooling Trust and give the operator the following information:
Policy #: US00118051PR22A
Address, City, State and ZIP Code of Location(s) to be inspected
Person to contact for scheduling inspection(s)
Contact phone and/or email

If you receive a bill for a boiler inspection, please forward to:
Laura Hart, Christian Brothers Services
800.807.0300 x3054

NOTE: DO NOT pay AXA XL Insurance Company for the boiler inspection. However, you will be responsible for paying city/state inspections and certificate fees.

If you have any questions, please contact Laura Hart at the phone number or email address above.

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