Speakers Bureau

Christian Brothers Services Speakers Bureau provides expert speakers in the areas of executive administration, business continuity planning, health, retirement, risk management services, information technology and more. A few of the many topics our seasoned professionals can speak on are listed below. For information on booking a speaker, a topic not listed, or to request rates, contact Brian Page at 800.807.0100x3092.

Br. Michael Quirk, FSC, Ed. D.
Executive Administration
Brother Michael Quirk, FSC, Ed.D
Christian Brothers Services

  • Non Profit & Private School Board Formation
  • Non Profit & Private School Board Governance
  • Development & Advancement for Non-Profits
  • Impact of Federal Health Legislation on Catholic Institutions
  • Risk Management for Religious Institutions

Diane Engstrom
Business Continuity Planning
Diane Engstrom
Director of Business Continuity Planning, Christian Brothers Services
Managing Director - Risk Management Services

  • Business Continuity - 10 Steps to Preparedness
  • Measuring Preparedness - Test Your Business Continuity Plan
  • Communicating With Employees & Customers During a Crisis
  • Regional Disasters - Are Your Employees Prepared?

John Airola
John M. Airola
Managing Director 
Christian Brothers Health Benefit Services

  • Health Care Reform
  • Wellness Initiatives
  • Impact of Federal Health Legislation on Catholic Institutions
  • General Employee Benefit topics

Terry Arya
Terry Arya
Chief Marketing Officer
Christian Brothers Services

  • Developing Integrated Marketing & Business Development Plans that Work
  • Integrating Social Media into the Marketing Mix
  • Super Size Your Communications Efforts for Bigger Results
  • How to Make Every Employee a Company Ambassador
  • The Importance of Team Building in Leadership:
    • Theory, Tips, Case Studies and Action Steps
  • Self Confidence in Leadership
  • Creating an Effective Work Culture
  • Vision: The "Make It or Break It" Cornerstone of Leadership
  • Marketing Yourself: What is Your Personal Brand?

Cynthia Krohn
Cynthia Krohn
Manager, Marketing and Communications, Media Relations
Christian Brothers Services

  • Taking the Crisis Out of Crisis Communication
  • Developing a Crisis Communication Plan for Nonprofits
  • Make Your Organization Media Savvy
  • Working with the Media:  A Guide for Nonprofits
  • Tips of the Trade: How to Market for Your Vocation
  • Tips of the Trade: How to Market Your Nonprofit

Jim Ceplecha
Jim Ceplecha
Managing Director
Christian Brothers Retirement Planning Services

  • How to Design Your Retirement Plan
  • Regulations for Church Retirement Plans
  • General Retirement Topics

Jeff Harrison
Risk Management
Jeff Harrison, CSP, ARM
Risk Control Coordinator
Christian Brothers Risk Management Services

  • Fleet Risk Management
  • Employment Liability Loss Prevention
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Managing Allegations of Employment Wrongdoing
  • Managing Liability Through Employee Relations & Communications
  • Conducting Internal Risk Assessments for Exposures in:
    • Liability
    • Auto/Fleet
    • Property
    • Workers' Compensation
  • Safety and Risk Management (not all inclusive)
    • Accident Investigation
    • Dietary
    • OSHA
    • Ergonomics
    • Slip Trip Fall Prevention
    • Material Handling/Lifting
    • Safety Committees

Tom Drez
Information & Technology
Tom Drez
Chief Information Officer / Managing Director
Christian Brothers Information and Technology Services

  • Variety of Information Technology Topics
  • Cyber Risks
  • Cybersecurity

Maria Ribera
Catholic Education
Maria Ribera
President – Catholic School Management
Christian Brothers Services

  • Marketing the Catholic School for Image and Enrollment
  • Using Data to Market Your Catholic School
  • Preparing the Long-range Strategic Plan for a Catholic School
  • Implementing a Comprehensive Communication Program in the Catholic School
  • Initiating a Program of Annual Giving in the Catholic School
  • Providing for Effective Boards and Councils in Catholic Schools

Jennifer Kensel
Catholic Education
Jennifer Kensel
Director of Planning Services and Administrator Searches
Catholic School Management, a division of Christian Brothers Services

  • Mission-based Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations
    • (Schools, Dioceses and Religious Orders)
  • Mission Statement Clarification for Nonprofit Organizations
    • (Schools, Dioceses and Religious Orders)
  • Succession Planning - Identifying and Development of Leadership Talent for
    • Nonprofit Organizations (Schools, Dioceses and Religious Orders)