Christian Brothers Services Speakers Bureau

In keeping with its commitment to share best practices, leaders and subject matter experts from Christian Brothers Services, have and continue to present at some of the most prestigious conferences and organizations throughout the Catholic Community. They have presented at RCRI, NACPA, NCEA, LCWR, CMSM, DISC, CBS, NCDC, CASE, AFP, ICSC, and countless schools, universities, and religious organizations.  Please contact us to learn how we can bring our expretise to your organization. 

Br. Michael Quirk, FSC, Ed. D.

Executive Administration
Brother Michael Quirk, FSC, Ed.D
Christian Brothers Services

  • Non Profit & Private School Board Formation
  • Non Profit & Private School Board Governance
  • Development & Advancement for Non-Profits
  • Impact of Federal Health Legislation on Catholic Institutions
  • Risk Management for Religious Institutions

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Mary J. Foley

Not-for-Profit Management
Mary J. Foley
Managing Director
Catholic School Management & Mission Advancement,
divisions of Christian Brothers Services

  • Fundraising
  • Communications
  • Organizational Development
  • Stewardship
  • Catholic School Advancement

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Constance Neeson, LSW

Benefit Eligibility Management for Religious
Constance Neeson, LSW
Director, Benefit Eligibility Management for Religious
BMT Management & Financial Consultants, a division of Christian Brothers Services

  • Applying for Government Benefits for Members of Religious Institutes
  • How to Apply for Disability Benefits for Members of Religious Institutes
  • What's New in Benefit Eligibility for the Current Year
  • Managing Income and Assets of Members to Maintain Benefit Eligibility
  • Correcting Patrimony Irregularities to Achieve Benefit Eligibility
  • What is the Difference between Medicaid and Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB)
  • Records Retention and Database Management for Benefit Eligibility

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Diane Engstrom

Business Continuity Planning
Diane Engstrom
Director of Business Continuity Planning, Christian Brothers Services
Managing Director - Risk Management Services

  • Business Continuity - 10 Steps to Preparedness
  • Measuring Preparedness - Test Your Business Continuity Plan
  • Communicating With Employees & Customers During a Crisis
  • Regional Disasters - Are Your Employees Prepared?

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John Airola

John M. Airola
Managing Director 
Christian Brothers Health Benefit Services

  • Health Care Reform
  • Wellness Initiatives
  • Impact of Federal Health Legislation on Catholic Institutions
  • General Employee Benefit topics

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Terry Arya

Terry Arya
Chief Marketing Officer
Christian Brothers Services

  • Developing Integrated Marketing & Business Development Plans that Work
  • Integrating Social Media into the Marketing Mix
  • Super Size Your Communications Efforts for Bigger Results
  • How to Make Every Employee a Company Ambassador
  • The Importance of Team Building in Leadership:
    • Theory, Tips, Case Studies and Action Steps
  • Self Confidence in Leadership
  • Creating an Effective Work Culture
  • Vision: The "Make It or Break It" Cornerstone of Leadership
  • Marketing Yourself: What is Your Personal Brand?

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Jim Ceplecha

Jim Ceplecha
Managing Director
Christian Brothers Retirement Planning Services

  • How to Design Your Retirement Plan
  • Regulations for Church Retirement Plans
  • General Retirement Topics

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Jeff Harrison, CSP, ARM

Risk Management
Jeff Harrison, CSP, ARM
Risk Control Coordinator
Christian Brothers Risk Management Services

  • Fleet Risk Management
  • Employment Liability Loss Prevention
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Managing Allegations of Employment Wrongdoing
  • Managing Liability Through Employee Relations & Communications
  • Conducting Internal Risk Assessments for Exposures in:
    • Liability
    • Auto/Fleet
    • Property
    • Workers' Compensation
  • Safety and Risk Management (not all inclusive)
    • Accident Investigation
    • Dietary
    • OSHA
    • Ergonomics
    • Slip Trip Fall Prevention
    • Material Handling/Lifting
    • Safety Committees

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Tom Drez

Information Technology
Tom Drez
Chief Information Officer / Chief Security Offiicer / Managing Director
Christian Brothers Information and Technology Services

  • Variety of Information Technology Topics
  • Cyber Risks
  • Cybersecurity

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Maria Ribera

Catholic Education
Maria J. Ribera
Senior Executive Consultant
Catholic School Management, a division of Christian Brothers Services

  • Marketing the Catholic School for Image and Enrollment
  • Using Data to Market Your Catholic School
  • Preparing the Long-range Strategic Plan for a Catholic School
  • Implementing a Comprehensive Communication Program in the Catholic School
  • Initiating a Program of Annual Giving in the Catholic School
  • Providing for Effective Boards and Councils in Catholic Schools

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Gerg Dhuyvetter

Catholic Education
Gregory Dhuyvetter
Lead Consultant
Catholic School Management, a division of Christian Brothers Services

  • Education Consultancy
  • Leadership Formation
  • Classroom Solutions
  • Technology Direction

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