Assessment Services

Assessments provide an in-depth analysis of all aspects of operation of a school, organizational structure, program, department, or school system while outlining a roadmap toward greater effectiveness and vitality.

Features of CSM Assessments

  • Aligned to the National Standards and Benchmarks of Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Characterized by collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data to understand clearly  past, present, and future considerations
  • Informed by current research in successful Catholic schools
  • Conducted by a skilled team with specialized experience

Types of Assessments

  • Limited Institutional Assessment

 A Flagship Service of CSM, focusing on all aspects of the operation of a school or school system

  • Specialized Assessments

Focusing on the operations of structures, programs or departments of a school or school system

  • Exploratory Interviews

A streamlined approach to identify the most critical issues requiring immediate focus in a school or school system.

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The Value of CSM Services
"We could never have reached this point of clarity and direction without third-party intervention, and, on behalf of our school, we are so grateful.
-Kelly Lange, Board Chair
  Stella Maris Academy

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