Strategic Planning

A strategic plan is the bridge that takes a school from its mission to its vision.  The CSM planning process looks deeply into all aspects of school operations to identify strategic opportunities in consideration of changing market conditions and circumstances so that plans can manage change and accommodate dynamic growth.

Features of CSM Strategic Planning Processes

  • Aligned to the National Standards and Benchmarks of Effective Catholic Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Based on collection and analysis of qualitative and quantitative data, to understand fully the past, present, and path to a vibrant future
  • Designed to be highly participative and collaborative processes that support strong community engagement and buy-in
  • Distinguished by the provision of highly personalized and professional service from communication to launch a process to strategies and resources that support successful plan implementation

Planning Processes

  • Directed Planning Process
  • CSM consultants, in collaboration with an on site  Planning Committee, provide an in depth and comprehensive assessment of needs and draft a plan inclusive of strategic goals and preliminary objectives
  • Facilitated Processes
  • CSM Consultants guide an on site Planning Committee through all aspects of the planning process inclusive of facilitation of a Planning Retreat to draft goals and objectives
  • A Day of Strategic Conversations
  • Directed discussions and custom solutions designed to create broad based consensus on key issues and planning priorities

Strategic Plan Renewa

  • For previous CSM planning clients to build upon the previous planning process and conclusion of an existing strategic plan

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