Health Benefit Flyers

These forms are meant to be informative about the many services and programs associated with Christian Brothers Health Benefit Services. For more information on these topics that are not covered in the appropriate flyer, please feel free to contact your Sales Benefit Representative or you can send an e-mail to For questions about your medical coverage or claims, please feel free to contact Customer Services at 800-807-0400.

Added Benefit Programs
Livongo Health Management   |  En Español
The Christian Brothers Employee Benefit and Religious Medical Trusts (CBEBT, CBRMT) are committed to helping its members lead healthy lives and has partnered with Livongo Health to make managing diabetes and blood pressure easier.
Christian Brothers Health Benefit Services partners with MyCatholicDoctor. All participants of the Christian Brothers Employee Benefit Trust have access to MyCatholicDoctor, a nationwide organization that brings a network of faithful medical professionals to patients through video visits for general medicine, behavioral health and specialty care.
Quit Smoking   |  En Español
Christian Brothers Services Medical Trusts offers Pelago, a digital solution to smoking considered one of the most effective smoking cessation programs in the world by the World Health Organization. is program, which comes at no additional costs to participants, replaces traditional, legacy telephone coaching programs with a confidential, technology-enabled digital clinic designed to help participants access evidence-based care wherever they are.
SupportLinc Animo Program
Animo provides web and mobile tools to help you address stress, depression, anxiety and general emotional fitness through self-guided sessions and Textcoach® text therapy.

Benefit Programs offered by Teladoc
Members can receive personalized, online reviews for new or ongoing skin issues through Teladoc with access toboard-certified dermatologists via web or app.
General Health
Teladoc’s network of board-certied physicians can discuss symptoms, recommend treatment options, diagnose many common, minor and/or brief illnesses and prescribe medication, when appropriate.
Mental Health
Teladoc allows you confidential access to mental health professionals in the setting of your choice.
Teladoc offers the Nutrition program to help you stay healthy or manage a condition.
Primary 360
Primary 360 lets you schedule your annual wellness checkup and manage your ongoing care virtually through Teladoc and the doctor of your choice.
Teladoc   |  En Español
Members enrolled for medical coverage in the Christian Brothers Employee Benefit and Religious Medical Trusts have 24/7 access to a panel of 3,100 physicians, 365 days a year through Teladoc.

Health Benefit Information Flyers
Electronic Data Interchange 834
EDI 834 transactions create an efficient enrollment process.
Understanding Your EOBs   |  En Español
Learn to read your explanation of benefits (EOBs)

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