Health Benefit Flyers

These forms are meant to be informative about the many services and programs associated with Christian Brothers Health Benefit Services. For more information on these topics that are not covered in the appropriate flyer, please feel free to contact your Sales Benefit Representative or you can send an e-mail to For questions about your medical coverage or claims, please feel free to contact Customer Services at 800-807-0400.

Added Benefit Programs
Livongo Health Management   |  En Español
The Christian Brothers Employee Benefit and Religious Medical Trusts (CBEBT, CBRMT) are committed to helping its members lead healthy lives and has partnered with Livongo Health to make managing diabetes and blood pressure easier.
SupportLinc Animo Program
Animo provides web and mobile tools to help you address stress, depression, anxiety and general emotional fitness through self-guided sessions and Textcoach® text therapy.

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