Christian Brothers Services along with Express Scripts has implemented emergency procedures for patients with lost or damaged medications due to Hurricane Dorian. If any members need replacement medication(s) and/or require a refill before the medications would normally be refilled, Christian Brothers Services has authorized Express Scripts to provide these medications and will allow pharmacies, at the point of sale (POS), to override select benefit edits during a government-defined emergency. These procedures will be in effect from 8/30/2019 until 9/30/2019.

As a reminder, if you are unable to reach your doctor directly, you have access to medical care 24/7 through Teladoc. You can request needed prescription medication or refills and obtain answers and advice for your non-emergent medical issues.

For more information:
Visit myCBS/health or Employee Benefit Trust members call 800-807-0400 and Religious Medical Trust members call 800-807-0500


Damage reports may be directed to the Christian Brothers Risk Management Services 24 hr. claim line at 877-735-2270.

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