Enterprise Cloud Hosting and Backup Services

We are a private enterprise cloud service provider which means we can help you to relocate your on-premises hardware and software from your data center to ours to gain benefits.

Taking advantage of cloud services can simplify an organization’s on-site IT by off-loading their IT burden, in part or whole, onto another organization allowing them more time and resources to focus on their own mission. This can result in reducing the cost and complexities involved in managing and maintaining your own data center infrastructure, hardware as well as software applications.

Relocating your data center into the CBS data center has the potential to provide your organization with many benefits including the reduction of your overall IT burden in terms of time and dollars.  As well as a secure backup and disaster recovery system if needed.

Public clouds or Resource Pools help you leverage the benefits of a multi-tenant cloud service that meets your needs.  Our Resource Pools comprise one of the most secure multi-tenant cloud services available. They're built on HIPAA-compliant and PCI DSS-certified infrastructure and powered by US Signal's protected network and include redundant firewalls that restrict data access.

Resource Pools are also among the most flexible cloud services you can get. Select the memory, storage, and compute resources that best meet your requirements. Then dynamically allocate your resources by creating and destroying any number of VMs to fit your applications and needs. US Signal’s VMware-certified professionals will work with you to spec your initial requirements and share best practices on maximizing resource utilization. Connectivity options are available, including MPLS, VPN, and VES.

Private clouds are generally suited to providing organizational cloud-based services where a more industrial strength Service Level Agreement (SLA) may be needed. A private cloud provider can provide an SLA to an organization that meets specific hosting requirements for reliability, availability, security, maintenance and management features, especially one that must protect confidential, proprietary and individually identifiable information (CPI) where a public cloud provider will be challenged to do the same. Our Hosted Private Cloud offers all the benefits of a secure, single-tenant compute with dedicated or multi-tenant storage resources. Plus, it’s built using security standards in compliance with HIPAA and PCI regulations.

With full access to the VMware hypervisor, you have complete control of your Hosted Private Cloud environment and can integrate applications that require direct hypervisor access. Because your cloud will be housed in a off-site data center equipped with emergency generators, redundant HVAC, and monitored secure physical access, you’ll get peace of mind knowing it will always be up, available, and secure. Connectivity is available through US Signal private MPLS or VPN terminations.

Disaster Recovery as a Service - With Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS), your primary production environment will be continuously replicated to a US Signal cloud environment or between two US Signal virtual data centers. When needed, a fully replicated instance of your environment can be deployed with just the click of a button.

US Signal’s fully managed DRaaS solution is available in two service tiers to fit your applications, business requirements and budget. The premium tier is ideal for the tighter recovery times of mission-critical workloads. The standard tier provides comparable data protection but accommodates less critical workloads. Both service tiers include a tested, continually updated playbook and free DR testing twice a year.

Backup as a Service - With our Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), you can back up your data from any physical or virtual infrastructure or Windows workstation to the US Signal Cloud. Then, access it anytime and restore it to anywhere via the Internet and outgoing TCP ports.

Individual servers are protected by installing a backup agent inside any supported operating system. Or install an agent on any server with network visibility to your hypervisor, providing backup and recovery for VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V.

BaaS in available fully managed or in a manage-it-yourself option.

For more information on enterprise private cloud hosting, DRaaS or BaaS, please contact Bob Fiorentino at Bob.Fiorentino@cbservices.org.


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