CSM Curriculum Planning

The Catholic school curriculum centers on the integration of the elements of faith with the learning process. This hallmark of Catholic schools combined with a perception of academic quality present two major reasons why families choose Catholic education for their children. In this era of school reforms and high stakes testing, a strong academic image is essential to a Catholic school's ability to assume an effective marketing posture and to attract students and resources to support its programs. Catholic School Management consultants work closely with faculty and administrators to ensure that a school's academic program offerings and written curriculum are reflective of a school's mission and coordinated to enhance the academic image of the school. Data-driven decision making, use of research-based best practices, focus on continuous improvement processes and attention to technology access and integration form the framework from which consulting services are designed. Catholic School Management education and technology consultants are prepared to assist school leaders enhance all aspects of the Catholic school curriculum from research to planning, implementation and evaluation. Services include:

  • Academic Program Assessments
  • Assistance with Curriculum Design and Review
  • Assistance with Testing Analysis Practices and Presentations
  • Curriculum Mapping and Planning
  • Management Audits of Effective Schooling Practices
  • Perception Studies
  • Technology Integration Assessments
  • Technology Planning

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