Health Plans for Religious

Health Plans for ReligiousSince 1967, Christian Brothers Services has provided cooperative programs to help Religious Institutes spread medical costs over time and provide for catastrophic medical expenses. Today, the Religious Medical Trust serves nearly 180 participating Religious Institutes with more than 5,500 members throughout the United States and abroad.

Medical Payment Programs

Religious Medical Trust
This program has 10 levels of deductibles to meet the varied needs of participating Institutes. The Trust has contracted with the Cigna network and is available to all enrolled members. At age 65, members must enroll in Medicare for primary coverage, although they have the option to remain in the Trust for their supplemental coverage. Dental coverage is optional and is at $0 deductible regardless of the medical deductible level selected by the Order.

Features of the Religious Medical Trust
  • Medical Coverage
  • Dental Coverage (now optional)
  • Pharmacy Coverage through Express Scripts for members not yet on Medicare
  • PPO enrollment in Cigna
    • Realize substantial savings when choosing in-network providers/facilities
  • Optional supplementary coverage for members on Medicare
  • Bills paid directly by the Trust
New Optional Deductibles in the Trust
  • 10 plans ranging from the traditional $0 deductible, up to $25,000 per individual deductible
    • The higher the deductible, the smaller the monthly contributions due to the Trust
    • Your entire group must register at the same deductible level
    • The deductible year is January 1 through December 31
  • The Trust pays your providers the deductible on your behalf, utilizing a Health Reimbursement Account (You receive an additional bill from the Trust each month requesting reimbursement for the deductible charges paid on your behalf.)
Programs for Larger Religious Institutes
Some Religious Institutes are large enough to pay their medical bills without the need for insurance or membership of a cooperative. Christian Brothers Services has the expertise to serve a Religious Institute or a group of its Provinces which need an experienced administrator to manage their medical payments program.

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