Student Accident Plan

Christian Brothers Services Student Accident Plan is designed to reimburse parents and guardians for out-of-pocket medical expenses which occur as the result of an accident at school or a school sponsored event. The Plan is secondary to any primary group or individual health insurance policy. However, if the student is not covered by another insurance plan, the Student Accident Plan will pay as the primary provider, without deductibles or copays.

Medical Benefit and Limitations
Coverage is included up to the usual, reasonable and customary charges for eligible medical care expenses incurred as the result of an accident during a covered activity. No benefits are paid for loss due to sickness or disease.

Benefit Limit: $25,000 for each accident per benefit period.
Benefit Period: 104 weeks.

Catastrophic Accident Medical Expense Benefit
Accident medical maximum amount per accident is $3,000,000 provided the first expense is incurred within 26 weeks after the date of the accident.

Excess/Non-Duplication Provision
This Plan will pay in excess of other valid coverage available to, or on behalf of, the student. If a student has coverage through an HMO, PPO, or similar arrangement, that plan must be used correctly or medical benefits under this Plan shall be reduced by 50%. Plans containing a non-duplication or excess provision similar to this plan will be paid on a 50% basis.

All schools participating in the Student Accident Plan must be a 501(c)3 corporation listed in the Official Catholic Directory published by P. J. Kenedy & Sons.

There are Four Plan Options available:
Plan A - Classroom only
Plan B - Classroom & Limited Sports*
Plan C - Classroom & ALL sports
Plan D - Boarding students
*Excludes football, hockey and lacrosse.

All students must be covered. All contributions are made by the school

All Plans include the following:

  • Attending school and participating in any classroom activity during regular school hours
  • Traveling directly to or from school on regular school days
  • Attending religious activities and retreats, including travel directly to and directly from
  • School-sponsored summer programs
  • Worldwide coverage


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